Homeless Jimmy

Tonight is Jimmy’s last night of sleeping under the bridge. It is his last night of being homeless. Today is his last day of being homeless. It is his last day of carrying his triple layer plastic bag of belongings with him where ever he goes. Tomorrow he is moving into an apartment and a group of people will help him out by giving of their surplus furniture.

Jimmy will never know how much he has taught me. I myself may not know how much he taught me until I run into other/similar situations that I will response differently because of getting to know Jimmy.
Jimmy says meeting me is the reason his situation changed. The only thing I ever did was I listen to him with my heart whenever he talked.  Never argued and disputed with him and his thoughts and encouraged him keep going.
About three weeks ago he was at his lowest to the point of being watched by the police force, basically because of how he talked in no uncertain terms to people in authority, whether they were doctors, nurses, or government officials at the Social Security office. After listening to him that time I returned home and said to God, Jimmy is of no value to society, absolutely nothing of value. Nor does he have any claim in God, or in His goodness and His blessings. Jimmy doesn’t want God, so why should God value him?
I asked God those questions and God answered me back, “In as much as you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto Me.”   Later that very day I had a phone call from the Social Security office questioning me about Jimmy, how well I know him and what I know about him. The only references they had about Jimmy had been from doctors. After talking with them, she said, “Tell Jimmy he will get a letter about his disability, in a very pleasant voice. And so I knew his world will be turned right side up. And so that big day to move into an apartment comes tomorrow.  And this is his last night of sleeping under the bridge.


  1. Wow! I wish Jimmy all the best in his new life. I am sure you will be there for him now too.

  2. If only more people would listen to the voice of God and follow his instruction. I pray that Jimmy be blessed. Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Oh thank you Lord for answered prayers!

  4. Well good for him, if he wants to help himself thats the best way to do it. Only he can do it, and getting through life is not easy for sure. Richard from Lebanon county's Amish community.



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