Misc. Pictures of the Last few Days

On Tuesday morning as I biked home from shopping I came upon this man coming up Hines and turned onto Clarinda with a walking cane he didn't need, as you can see. He was swinging the cane instead of using it as a prop. So I took a second look at the walking cane and sped up my bike pedals in order to catch up with him, asking him if I can have a picture of his cane, which he most gladly obliged. His cane is his own artistic doings.

Lavina Kauffman biking with their grandchildren.

Kenny Borkholder from Centreville Michigan had the right-of-way when he crossed Beneva at the Bahia Vista light, and the car that whipped around the corner was in the wrong. The result is a triangle bike wheel. Even if bikers have the right-of-way, we still need to keep our eyes open on the backside of our heads.

Today when I went to take a shot at Kenny's bike, I spotted a private shuffleboard in the quietest part of Pinecraft and so I biked closer and watched for a while. This is the better place to get good pictures of shufflers as they are not fenced in by a fence, nor crowded in by a crowd of people. I love the looks of this shuffler, the carefulness of lining up and aiming just right. He must be a perfectionist.

And then I returned home to find my landlord painting his house. I have never seen him carry a shuffleboard stick or a Boche Ball. Instead I see him with carpenter tools.


  1. They still are having bike accidents i see in pinecraft.Richard. Lebanon,pa. www.amishstorys.com

  2. That shuffleboard player is taking this game very seriously. He must have money riding on it. ;-)

  3. Bikes never win in accidents with cars. I am assuming Kenny was ok? The only thing "triangularized" was the bike wheel?

    Great pics, Katie!

  4. your very right there peggy, but atleast im hearing about it less from pinecraft. Richard



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