Sunday Afternoon at the Park

Two boys out walking and snapping photos with their cell phones.

A couple getting ready to go downstream.

One little Amish boy is learning to hit the ball. He did well with some coaching from the pitcher and catcher, with advice from the sideline.

At the Basketball Court.

One Daddy with five young bikers.

Youth waiting at the Volley Ball Court. Once more arrived they played a game or two.


  1. I enjoyed going to the park whenever i went down to pinecraft, always something going on in the winter. With the summer months being pretty dead. Richard

  2. Hey Katie! It's been a while since I've read blogs... I've missed you!

    Why do you think the women are so interested in that pine tree in the bottom photo?

    Good to catch a glimpse...

    Check out the two giveaways on my blog... you might be interested in the village one.


  3. Saloma, right behind these girls is the entrance of the park, something or somebody was going in or out of the park and it wasn't me. I was out on the street. Have you noticed the one on the far left is also a Little Person, although she is taller than I am.



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