Alvin Zook's BBQ Ribs

I am not doing a lot of writing about Alvin Zook, as that is coming later in The Pinecraft Pauper. I was only sent to take shots, so here are the best of the shots.

Alvin is opening the lid of the grill to load the ribs.

One rib at a time gets placed on the grill.

The portable grills

I love these little fire doors, where he burns the charcoal and the wet apple wood and smokes and grills each rib to perfection.

Sherry Gore interviewing Alvin

Examining the ribs after the interview

I left for home and returned about an hour later to find the ribs done and all wrapped up waiting for the customers.

Finger licking good. Here is the evidence.

Nothing left but the bone.

I didn't want a whole rib, so Alvin cut off a bit and I took it home to pick apart. And it was finger lickin good.
More of the story will be in the Pinecraft Pauper in two weeks or so.


  1. I love me some ribs, the only thing missing from these pictures is me eating some,lol. Richard

  2. Katie, I don't know how I missed this but ... now I'm hungry!



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