Pinecraft on a Sunday Afternoon

It seems that Sunday afternoon is the time to take a walk or ride through and around Pinecraft. The men's shuffleboard is locked and stays locked on Sunday. But the Volley Ball and Basket Ball courts stay open, for it gives the youth or singles something to do. The old people just stand around and visit or watch the games until around 4:30 or so. Then the park clears out again as it is time to get ready for Sunday evening, whatever you plan on doing.

Group bikers. Many of them were dressed in red, although it is a bit hard to see from a distance.

This shot was taken before or after a Volley Ball game.

The lady on the bike is sort of blurry, but that is the way she came biking in.


  1. I was surprised this week to see a group of Lancaster youth girls wearing red dresses with their aprons as they rode bike by the K-mart. Bright red. Very unusual, for here.

  2. Katie, is it the membership of a church, the Bishop, who decides the allowed colors to be worn?

  3. I don't think it is the bishop that decides which colors. It is more everybody just knows what is accepptable and what isn't. Some groups wear dark dull colors, while others have dark bright colors. Then others have mostly lighter, soft colors. One thing that goes across the board, no Amish wear prints or stripes dresses etc.

  4. Im used to the Holmes County colors, and when I see light colors it always makes me wonder. I know there are differences in bonnet and hat styles too. I cant keep them Thanks for the answer hon. Enjoy the warm weather for me. Hugs.

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  6. I remember renting a bike a few times while in pinecraft, and it was alot of fun at a very small budget. I think it was only a few dollars for pretty much the whole day. I didnt live that far from pinecraft atleast by car anyway when i lived in florida.But i think i enjoyed walking around using my legs better.IM not sure how the weather is doing in pinecraft right about now, but im sure its on the warm-side. Here in Lebanon,pa we have alittle melting snow as the temps are starting to warm-up alittle compared to what we had here last week. Richard.


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