Siesta Beach with Family

I am not a Beach Bun or Bum but I enjoyed going to Siesta Beach with my nieces and Sister Clara. Clara is the mother of the young mother and the grandmother of the three little girls.

I am starting to enjoy playing around with black/white photo editing, or rather almost black&white. I left a little bit of color in these photos.

Kylie playing with the sticks Leila poked into the sand.

Kylie in sunglasses. To her sunglasses are sunglasses. It doesn't matter which way you put them on your face. They can be upside down or right side up, as long as they stay in place.


  1. As always love the stories you tell with your camera.

  2. Gorgeous! Uh, my daughter wore her shoes on the wrong feet for several months when she was 3 :)



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