An Old Bike, Still Going Strong

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This morning I met up with this biker on my street. He works or owns an RV place down on Clark Street and the RV parked on the same lot I am situated was having problems, and so obviously they contacted this guy and he decided to use this bike or trike. His Dad had built this bike in 1940, which is 71 years ago. The bike still has the original motor on it, which you start the old fashioned way by winding the little rope around a pulley and pull the rope with quick motions. He had to try a few times before the motor came alive. This gave me time to dash back into the house to get my camera.

I told Erma, who was with me to stop him if he bikes pass my place before I have my camera. But the motor stopped on him, so I enough time.

He had to climb over the bars to get to the seat.

This bike has more than 10,000 miles on it.


  1. The man on the bike? I never asked for his name for I don't expect to remember.


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