Let the Little children Come unto Me

 Today I captured an amazing amount of children, to think the streets are still very empty. But it might be the cooler evenings that brings them out.

 Jeremy & Barbara Schlabach  and daughter. Their two sons are busy playing, blowing off steam. In a few weeks they are moving back to Holmes County Ohio, after serving a year with Choice Books.

 Jacob, I met him earlier this past summer along with his sister. We have become friends.

 Adin and I each have our scooters. His parents spell Adin differently, although I can't remember how it is spelled. We haven't started racing on the streets yet.

I am posting this picture of Reuben Yoder and Atlee Raber as all little boys will become grown men if they live out their years.


  1. I think that your using some kind of photo effects on these Images, very different Ill give you that! Richard

  2. Katie, the photo of you and Adin is absolutely phenomenal. And when WILL you start racing in the streets on your scooters. The children must just love you... why wouldn't they?

    Thank you for this wonderful post, as always!


    1. Saloma, I have never raced with a child but I have with a few old men. They ran on foot and I biked as fast as I could.

  3. Your pictures are so unique. You must have some special lenses or editing program.

  4. Love these, Katie! The dead end sign should read: "living end" .. what with a trike and motorcycle in the picture! LOL!!


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