Santa Claus

 Last night I met this Santa Claus at the Drum Circle on Nokomis Beach. The first and last time I talked to a Santa Claus was when I was in first grade in Fredericksburg Ohio. That was more than fifty years ago. I sat on his lap and he asked me what I want for Christmas? I was a little Amish girl too scared to open my mouth, so all I got was a bag of candy.

But last night he had been drumming when we arrived. Soon he quit drumming and made his way around the circle. After visiting a bit I opened up my mouth and started sharing with him. I don't know what prompted me but I just talked and he listened. When he talked, we had much in common. We both went into a very religious setting seeking for Truth. We didn't find what we were seeking for and so we both left. Later we both found the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

My bottom line is I am amazed again at who and what I find in questionable places and settings.  Last night I processed all that transpired between Santa Claus and I, on Nokomis Beach, in a Drum Circle. I don't know if the processing is finished but my conclusion for now is: I won't judge.


  1. Great memory....thankd for sharing

  2. Katie,
    What is a drum circle?
    When I was little I strongly believed in Santa. I say strongly because I had no doubt whatsoever he was as real as the day was long. And I regret it not a jot or tittle. I think it helped me when I got older to believe in the unseen, and there's a lot of unseen that needs to be believed in. The fact that many folks don't believe in what they they can't see has been the root of many a problem. Anyhow, didn't mean to get on the soap box.
    The funny thing is, I told my boys there is no Santa. At first I did my older son he was real and it was always difficult for me because I knew I was lying. I never felt right about it. Whenever he would ask I would him and haw about it and it confused him. Probably why he asked so much about it. Finally he asked me one day and I said "No". He said he didn't believe me! I was ok with that. I figured when he was ready he would stop believing. He wanted to believe and frankly I don't blame him. Who wouldn't want a jolly man in a red suit who brought him presents to be real?
    One thing though, my kids know why we celebrate Christmas. Jesus.

    1. I am not sure what the Drum Circle is supposed to represent. I imagine it can be Google and read what it says. I like to go because I like to meet people and just sit and observe.


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