Sarasota County Time Capsule

 Today was the ceremony of the Sarasota Time Capsule. Back in early Summer, in July or so Teresa Mast a County Commissioner asked me if I want to take part and represent Pinecraft by donating some of my photos and whatever for the Time Capsule? I went through my photos and choose a number of them that show Pinecraft as it is in this present time. Some of these photos were chosen for the Time Capsule and so I got an invitation to attend, although this ceremony was open to the public.

 The ceremony opened with music, Scottish Bagpipes and drums.

 Just one was tapping. I don't know much about bagpipes but I am assuming he was doing the taps.

 These girls are the two youngest members of the historical committee. They will probably be the only two alive in 2071 when the Time Capsule will be opened. The man on the left was the moderator and the other one packed the Time Capsule.
 These two ladies served the refreshments.

 The unveiling...
 One is a high school student and the other is eight years old.

This is a bit hard to read with the glare of the sun.

 My first Pinecraft calendar went into the Time Capsule.

 And this photo book went in too.

 I doubt I will be alive and well in 58 years from now when they have a ceremony to open the capsule but I hope some of the great-grandchildren of these Pinecraft photos will attend. My pictures that are not chosen for the capsule are preserved in the Sarasota Historical Library.



  1. how wonderful to have your calendar and pictures/book in the capsule. I'm sure you are quite proud.

  2. What is it about Pinecraft that attracts the Amish?

    1. A warm climate in the winter months. Or vacation for a couple of weeks. It is just a place for Amish to go to because more Amish are there.


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