A Day in Pinecraft

 Going for a ride with Daddy and the puppy.

 Freeman Beachy has a number of rental houses and so he is cleaning sofa bed for one of the houses.

 Asking an Amish man questions about...

 Laundry Day

 A pile of bikes locked together, less some of them disappear.

 Julianna taking care of her younger brother.

Sisters from Kentucky visiting Pinecraft and also their grandparents.


  1. No wonder the sisters from Kentucky are visiting Florida. I drove through yesterday and it was 50 degrees, but today I bet it's colder. It is in TN and I'm not too far from the border.
    Don't you miss the snow? It's so beautiful. I don't think I could ever live where there are not four seasons. It's been snowing a lot in the Chicago area and I love it. It's also been wicked cold, Single digit temps. and below. That I'm not too crazy over, but the night glows a soft blue and all is quiet and blanketed and white. So beautiful.

  2. Doesn't look like a puppy to me. That looks like my senior toy poodle Buffy. She will be celebrating her fifteenth birthday in a few weeks.


Thanksgiving Dinner

Tonight was the annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Tourist Mennonite Church. Their church people invite the elderly, widows, widowers, sing...