Katie's Corner at Yoder's Gift Shop

 Two weeks ago I signed my Pinecraft photos, either in book form, or postcards, or a 2014 Pinecraft calendar at Yoder's Gift Shop. Nancy Ebersol Good and Janet Oberholtzer did the photo shooting. These are the pictures Nancy took with my camera. 

In looking through these photos I am seeing myself through the eyes of other people, which in all honesty is good for me.
 I greatly enjoyed meeting people.

This gentleman needed a place to sit while the rest of his group browsed the Gift Shop. This gave us the opportunity to visit.

Ivan & Sarah Ann Miller from Charm Ohio.

 Janet Oberholtzer and Nancy Ebersol Good and myself.

 Visiting with a Huber couple from Ontario. The Ira Huber I knew years ago was this man's uncle.

 Brian Emrich, the Yoder's Restaurant manager found a photo of his daughters in one of the photo books. Of course he bought the book.

 One of the photo books has the cover of Paul Miller and Reuben Troyer.

 More of the books. I got new photo books published a few weeks ago. 

Marvin & Carol Yoder

 Butch Chupp's wife who bought postcards of her grand daughter.

 I signed a calendar Stella Kauffman had previously bought.

 Two of Yoder's employees.

 I got to shake hands with one cute little girl.

And pet her brother's dog.

 Janet & Laura

 Visiting with Julie

 Mary Hershberger from Berlin Ohio

Janet Holtz

 Rachel Nisly Kemp 

 Anne Erb

 Martha Stutzman

This is a bit blurry, taken after dark of more locals. Neighbor Erma on the far left, Glen Yoders and Herman Mullets.


  1. What a nice collection of pictures. They warm me up. It is eight ° in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

  2. Loved this colorful blog and wishing nothing but many blessings on this gifted talent you have.

  3. Great photos!! Thanks for sharing and God Bless!!!

  4. Wonderful -- thank you for blogging and sharing! :~)

  5. Looks as though you had a good time, Katie. I hope you sold lots of stuff, too. :)

  6. Do you make your crocheted hat with cloth brim or buy them? I would like one. I really enjoy your sites.

    1. U make the brims and sew them to the crocheted part.

    2. Thanks I may try to make one if I can find a pattern. Wish I was in Pinecraft and warm. It is cold here in Texas!


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