Christmas in Pinecraft

 Today Pioneer Trails came down with six bus loads of people, five from Indiana, one from Ohio. This is the normal for Christmas Vacation, five times more Indiana people are here in comparison to Ohio. I think this is because Indiana Amish tend work in factories and get a two week vacation over the Christmas holidays, whereas Ohio has more small home businesses. Ohioans tend to take their two week vacation in February and March. Anyway this is just the way it is. 

Today the Pioneer Trails managers were smart. They posted on the wall of this mini barn when each bus is scheduled to come in and the names of all the passengers on that specific bus. This way the parking lot wasn't jammed packed full of people waiting to meet and greet their family members coming in, not knowing on which bus they will be. I tried to get close enough to get a shot of the list of people, but I couldn't get to the list and so I took a backside shot.
 In my opinion this is the cutest picture of the day, these two children intensively watching the passengers get off the bus. 
 Well, these little children each carrying a water jug are just as cute. When I asked the boy what his name is, he gave me three fingers. I still don't know what his name is.

 Another shot of them.

 This girl looks exhausted and ready for a shower and a nap. After all she was on the bus all night long.

 Young families with children. I am going to have fun with my camera while they are here.
 Perry waiting for their family members.

 After Pioneer Trails unloaded five buses, two Indiana buses from Indiana pulled in.

And at the heels of the Indiana buses the last Pioneer with the Ohioans came in. They had no option except unload on the street, which wasn't a problem because it is not a heavy traveled street. 

I think a couple more buses came in later in the day. Let the fun begin. 

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