A Sunday in Photos

 I couldn't believe it when I saw this mower in Pinecraft. I thought these were long ago outdated and perished. But I think these are very practical for small Pinecraft yards.

 A family of three daughters, two dogs, husband & wife coming down the Pillippi Creek. 

 Whoever was transported to the park via this van was send into the woods to clean up the litter. According to their laughter they were having a time of their life. 

 Walking home after Communion Services at the Amish Church this afternoon.

This lady is absolutely beautiful. She is not quite with reality but so be it. The three of us just happened to meet at the very same time.

I should have taken a picture of the Irish couple who was peeping into Yoder's Deli windows. They didn't know Pinecraft's business' shut down on Sundays. They will be back on a week day.


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