Full Load Going North

 The Pioneer Bus had a full load today in going up North.

 It looks like everybody just stands around, and that is true in a way. People getting on the bus stow their luggage and find their seat. Then many of then just stand around on the outside before re boarding the bus for a 20 hour bus ride.

 I lost track of how many weeks these cousins were here with their grandparents cleaning houses. The count is they cleaned fifteen houses more or less. Cleaning house is a thing Amish do well with church services in homes. Most of the people if not all of them clean their house from top to bottom
just before it is their turn to host church service. 
 Saying "Good bye" to Leanna and Barbara Miller. I am glad Leanna gets to ride the bus now and then. She is the most faithful greeter whenever the bus comes into Pinecraft.

 Ohio Ladies
 Louie Beachy and Ora Yoder

This boy has the bluest eyes.


  1. Was great seeing you at the bus today. Syd told me what you said about wishing you could get a good shot of me. Made me laugh cause I knew where it came from. Love you Katie:)

    1. Your dress fitted well on you and that is why I wanted a good shoot.

  2. Wow, Pinecraft is rocking! You locals must love it when the busses roll in.
    Several years ago my cousin lived in Sarasota as an EMT. She lives in a different part of FL now and went on to be a nurse.


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