Pizza Night

During my growing up years Saturday night was almost always a soup night, which was about the only time we had soup for a meal. During the week we always had a full dinner because we ate out of our lunch buckets at noon and Mom always saw to it we get one hearty meal a day. On Saturdays we had a full meal at noon and so only had soup Saturday night. 

 This bike was waiting outside Emma's Pizza.
 This couple, AJ and his wife are waiting on the pizza they ordered for supper.

 Wayne Mast waits on his pizza. It is easy to visit and wait, or wait and visit.

 After Wayne picked up his pizza this man left the Pizza place and found Ray Schlabach to visit with.
 Mose Yoder left with a pizza on the back of his bike.

 Katie had supper too but not at the Pizza shop. David & Susie shared their meal with Katie. I love getting Katie to talk because she is so expressive and her hands communicate just as much as her mouth does.


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