The Day BeforeThanksgiving

 I don't know what the story is on this bike. But this morning it was abandoned and this afternoon the bike was gone.  I was on my way to photo Yoder's Pie Day. They had 6,500 pies to sell, five hundred more that a year ago.

 This is the second Thanksgiving since Amanda Yoder's passing. she always sat outside on a rocker and greeted many of the customers, but no more. Instead here is the memorial of Amanda.

Channel 8 from Tampa is getting the feel of the day. I wasn't sure about the two men sitting but they were traffic directors on break. 

 This employee was kept busy running with empty crates back to the bakery for more pies.

 Children watching the crowd.

 We are never too old to live our lives to the fullest. Love seeing this lady in a convertible, picking up her pies.

 The police department people also eat pie on Thanksgiving Day.

 From Channel 8 putting up a camera.

 At the "Cream Pie" pick up window.
 The little camera captured from ground level. I wondered what the camera's perspective is from that angle.

 I am on my way out of Yoder's. Leanna is on her way to watch the Pioneer bus come in. she is two hours early. but so be it...

 There wasn't enough parking in Pinecraft today. The employees had to park at the edge of the village like down at the Dance Hall on Bahia Vista.

 Waiting for the Pioneer bus to come in. It was late today which is no surprise, knowing how the weather is further north.

 The men wait on the bus too.

I think this is David R's Dad.


  1. I don't comment often, Katie, but I always enjoy your posts. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Thank you. Have a good Thanksgiving too.

  2. Yes, That's dear old Roman (Bob) Miller. He's amazing! I'm thinking he's 99 years old.
    I love to catch up on the happenings in Pinecraft through your great blog! And love your great photos!

  3. He is 99 years old! He is still spry.


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