Breaking Up a House

 This morning when I turned onto Clarinda Street a lot of people had dropped whatever they were doing and were sitting and standing around all looking at the same thing.

 Katie Borntrager

 David & Susie Borntrager and ...

 Even Paul Schlabach from Bedford PA, who quickly patted down his remaining few hair and tucked in his shirt when he saw my camera. The other guy is Emanuel Miller, who is a walking Genealogy Encyclopedia. 

 The attraction was the demolition of a house.

 Coming from the East to watch was Rube Smucker and Luke Gingerich.

 Rube Smucker and Paul Schlabach.

 And then the Port-a-John came.

 And sort of rolled off the truck, walked a few feet and...

 immediately got ready to be occupied.

 Before the truck left it was covered with netting so the garbage wouldn't fly all over Sarasota.

 One tree needed to go, so the caterpillar bit off the head and wiggled the tree like you do a loose tooth  and then yanked.
 He gave the tree a few hard shakes to loosen the dirt.

 Then dropped the tree.

 Picked it up...

 and gave it some more good hard shakings,

before pitching the tree on in the truck bed.

Tonight almost everything is cleaned away and no sign of ever being a house on that spot.


  1. Thats funny about Paul, I can just see his grin. The tree shaking pictures are so neat.

  2. I've always loved watching demolitions. The power of the machinery has a bit of a thrill about it. Like when a mega-crash of thunder shakes the walls of your home and lets out a crack like the earth just split. Spine tingling. Yes, it always seems the tear down displays are much more exciting than the building up. Not sure what that's about.
    I love looking at your pictures. The slow pace of your town makes it no less interesting than a highly populated area.


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