My Day - Two Shots of Each

 I was in and out a couple times today. So I have a mixture of photos, two of each happening.

I mailed a letter at the Pinecraft Post Office and met up with Sarah. Sarah was helping Grandma with the mail and we wanted to say, "Hi" to each other but due to our sizes it was a bit difficult.

 So Grandma came to our aid and gave Sarah a boast. This is a beautiful picture of the two ladies.

 Al knows how to help himself...

 and so he plants a row of beautiful flowers.

 It was 4 PM and time for the parrots dinner.

 They have their breakfast and dinner in Omar & Laura's back year. Then they snack on the local Orange trees, that is those that still produce a crop. Most of the trees have died out the last few years.
 Tonight I was sitting and watching people. I saw this couple at a distance with a camera in front of Yoder's Restaurant. Much to my delight they crossed Kaufman and so we had a good visit. They live in Miami, although she is Russian born and he is 100% Indian. 

They had an interest in the Amish and so did an Internet search and realized there are Amish in Sarasota. So they made their trip today. 
Shortly before meeting these people I visited with a couple from Germany. It was a good day.


  1. LOL Katie. I enjoyed this post. I have avid interest in the Amish as well. We headed down there back in May for a visit, but, low and behold.....we headed down on a Sunday! Next time, will definitely make it another day....and will definitely let you no beforehand!


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