Women in Pinecraft

 This morning I just happened to come upon this princess. She is all dressed up, has her bunny and a handful of wild flowers, plus a took big and heavy backpack on her back. I stopped to visit a bit and then her Mommy came out of the house and we visited some more. We did make connections like you always do in Pinecraft. She is from Garnett Kansas. This princess is from the Tribe of Raymond Yutzy because her Daddy is or has Yutzy blood. The Mother is well acquainted with the Yutzy/Wagler people. 

 These four are Mennonite of some sort. I don't know the difference in the Mennonite groups like I do with the Amish, for the simple reason I was Amish and sort of still am Amish.

Fannie Miller is one of the spry old people in Pinecraft. She is getting way up in age, but still walks around Pinecraft like a 60 year old. 


  1. That's my Mother! Thanks for posting. If you see her, tell her I saw the photo all the way over here in Bangladesh!

    1. I will tell her. She was on her way to Yoder's to get her Rivil Soup.

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