Time to Go Home

Three Pioneer Trails buses left today, a total of 145 people more or less. The bus on the left is going straight to Berlin Ohio, as everyone on that bus will get off at Berlin.

Here is a partial list of who is on the Berlin bus. Number 19 and 20 is my sister and her husband.

 The second bus is also all Ohio with different locations to drop off. The Geauga County people are on that bus. The third bus has Indiana and a few drop offs in Ohio. 
 These ice cream buckets are the best thing to store women's coverings. They can't get crushed or dirty. I assume they all have their containers tagged as I would hate to get home with the wrong covering. I do think they probably take them on the bus and tuck them under their seat.
 Waiting to have their baggage stowed in the luggage compartment.

 And then you stand around and visit. I love the expression of the woman talking to my Sister Clara.

 I think the three women in this pic are Ed Sadie, Paul Mabel and Jon Iva.

 Time to get on the bus.

 People everywhere.

The all Berlin bus leaves first. The last bus to go was the Indiana bus because they had to wait on the last passenger. It was not that the last passenger was late, it is just that each bus leaves as soon as it has all its passengers.

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  1. There sure are a lot of Yoders on the bus list. I went to college with a young mom named Kristine Yoder, if I recall correctly. She had a son, about 5 years old, named Ben, again if I recall correctly. He would go with her to class and draw or color while she listened to lecture. You could tell it was all he could do to stay at his desk. This was 25 years ago in MI. I wonder how she's doing today. She wouldn't remember me since we were in only one class together. I wish I would have befriended her.



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