Bocce Ball

 This morning I watched these men play Bocce Ball. My brother-in-law Marvin is on the green ball team and is throwing his ball. He is a good Bocce Ball player, as while watching his aims and throw, he always got close to the little yellow ball.
 And right then Ben Jr's phone rang and so he has to answer. You can't get away from a cell phone unless you leave it at home or refuse to answer it.

 This was a good game and  they all are trying to determine which color ball is the closest to the little yellow ball, because that is what scores a mark and determines which team is the winner.

 Abe Troyer, my Dad's cousin does well at aiming and throwing the ball. 
 Once again the men had to crowd around and see where Abe's ball went among all the other balls already thrown.

 Marvin has the tape measure to see which color ball is the closest to he mark.

 I was waiting for this shot of Abe, from the front. 
The two men on either side are cousins from the Ammon Troyer clan.
The backside of the game.

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