Photo Shots of Today

 Ervin Mullet came riding into the park and bumped into me. After all he was on the phone with his daughter Esther.

 Having fun.

 Playing corn Hole

 Bocce Ball- Brother Henry is on the left. He just threw the green ball that is rolling.

 A Tayla Water Meeting under the pavilion. Paul Miller comes equipped with a tape recorder, which is a wise thing if you want to remember what was discussed. 

Two former Geauga County Ohio men. Both have chosen to make Sarasota their home, Lester Byler and Joe Fisher.


  1. I was hoping to run into you while we were down there but the only time I saw you was one day the bus came in and I was just biking past. There were too many people around you to get close. :) Maybe next year.

  2. Dear Katie, I have become quite addicted to your pictures, they are the first thing I look for in my inbox every day. When you do not post for 2 or three days I start to worry that something happened to you. I know that you travel some, and have other activities and family. Your camera or computer could be "down", there could be nothing happening or it could be just too warm to go out. If you know ahead of time that you may not be able to post, could you please give us a little warning? Not every Amish person is as forward thinking as you, and if something happened I am afraid no one would tell us. If anything happened to you that would be a grave tragedy as far as I am concerned. I hope you don't mind my forwardness in asking for this, but it would ease my mind.

    1. That is quite an order! I have to do some thinking on this of who could keep you informed if I don't post. I do post every day on Project 365. So if you keep checking that one you know I am okay.



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