Tri Valley Singing

 Through the Grapevine I heard about Amish girls singing tonight. My friend decided it is for the public as they were told to bring their own chairs and it is going to be around Hines/Estrada Streets. So after the Benefit Supper at the Park I decided to bike down Estrada Street and see if there is such a singing. Long before I got there, I saw people up ahead carrying lawn chairs and so I knew the Amish Girls singing is true.

 They go by the name of Tri-Valley. I was told the girls are from the Sugarcreek/Farmerstown/Baltic area in Ohio. They had a keyboard and guitar, and I think I head a harmonica. 
 Groups and crowds kept coming, mostly Amish but not all. 

 Times changed in the Amish world. When I was Amish the only musical instrument was the harmonica and ever that was frowned upon, especially for the preachers' wives. My Aunt Mary who was a Bishop's wife played beautifully on her harmonica and she played it with a guilt complex and only played if we promised to keep it a secret. I have kept that secret up until now for it is safe to let the cat out of the bag. She passed away 10+ years ago. But this day and age musical instruments in some Amish districts are acceptable, maybe more so if they can be used in Pinecraft. I remember seeing at least two Bishops in the crowd. After all what you do in Pinecraft, stays in Pinecraft.
Setting up their chairs and getting settled.


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  2. this is very good post,i like this post.

    1. tri valley, I am trying to figure out if you are connected with these Tri-Valley singers?



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