We Go a Fishing

A large, white, bald-headed wading bird of the southeastern swamps, the Wood Stork is the only stork breeding in the United States. Its late winter breeding season is timed to the Florida dry season when its fish prey become concentrated in shrinking pools.
According to this description is why the fishing goes well today.

 Emma Schlabach and her fishing partner have caught almost a five gallon bucket of fish in the Phillippi Creek, while the Wood Storks do their courting/mating dance upstream. 

 I am not sure what this odd circle is except probably Emma's fish line whizzing through the air. Anyway I think it makes a neat photo.

 Three generations go fishing; Gross Gene Moses' Vernon is the great grandpa, David Mary is the grandma and the young boy is a grandson to Mary. This is a beautiful family outing.

 The granddaughter sits on the fence.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of life in and around Pinecraft. I lived on the outskirts of Pinecraft many years ago; my grandparents lived in Pinecraft for 30+ years. These pictures are the thread that keeps me connected to a place I recall with fond memories. Keep up the good work!



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