Little Children

 This little guy on a leash caught my eye from across the street.

 So I biked closer and found two little boys each on a leash, a double stroller and two caretakers.

 One Pioneer Bus loaded this afternoon. When this man biked up these two children came running for him. Wanting to know the connections I asked him if he is their Daddy? "No," he said, they rode the same bus down and he made friends with these children. 

 Is it just natural for all little girls to play with dolls? It is very common for little Amish girl to play with dolls and pretend they are mothers. When most every man was a farmer, the little boys wanted toy farm animals.

 Kinsley running in circles around her Daddy. I think women start running in circles at a very young age.
And here is the bigger picture. Either her Momma has her pacifier or Daddy stuck it in his pocket for she came with one.

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