Mass Exodus from Pinecraft

 Most of the Christmas season is over and done until the end of the year, until Christmas 2015. Today a total of eleven buses left Pinecraft, about 525-550 people. Four of the buses were from CrossRoad, five buses from Pioneer Trails and two buses were from Illinois.

Brum-m-brum-m. We are never too old...
This clan most of the women are wearing green. All wearing the same material and color is an Amish culture thing. In thinking back, I remember the warm fuzzy feeling of wearing a dress just like Mom and more of my sisters. It gave me a sense of belonging. 

 This picture warms my heart, sisters with matching dresses having new dolls with the same matching dresses.

 One by one the five Pioneer buses left. 

 At six tonight the last of the Illinois people were going to leave. Herman Mullet is fixing the ac on the bus. Of course they are going up north where it is cold, but being on a bus with no fresh air can get a bit suffocating. 

Then I had to go to the park to see if any people are still in Pinecraft. 

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