Old Christmas in Pinecraft

January 6th is considered Old Christmas. Some Plain communities take a fast in the morning and late morning company arrives or they are invited somewhere for the rest of the day. 

Back in 2002 on January 6th, I looked out the window in the morning and the streets were quiet. There was hardly a soul around and it puzzled me until I remembered that people are fasting because it is Old Christmas. After my breakfast I went out in the streets to see who is outside and what are they doing? I biked to the Shuffleboard court on Birky Street because I was living on the north side of Bahia Vista. It was the ladies turn to shuffle in the morning being there was only one shuffle board. That specific morning the ladies were 95% Mennonite, 5% Amish. I simply up and asked them about their Old Christmas morning fast. One lady confessed she and her husband were going to keep the day but then someone stopped in and invited her husband to go fishing and so he did. The wife decided if her husband is going to fish, she is going to shuffle and so she did.

Ever since that specific Old Christmas morning, I make my round each year just to see who is out and about.

 In the morning the streets were almost empty.

 The Elite coach came in at  9:30. Earlier in the morning the CrossRoads from Indiana came.

 I biked to the park and the shuffleboard court had about 16 or so people.

 These people were on the Elite and went to find something to eat. Lancaster people done keep Old Christmas.
 Soon after 12 noon one Pioneer bus came in.

 This afternoon I went out biking again and lots of people were out and about, especially at the park.
Bocce Ball in progress.

 Checker games.

 Watching the crowded shuffleboard court and spying someone.


Softening the seat.


  1. Katie, thank you for allowing me to imagine warmth. Here it's predicted to go below zero tonight. And that is without the wind chill. So cold and windy!

    Old Christmas gives me pause to think, every year, about how different my life is now than it was within the community.

    Happy New Year, Katie!

  2. Oops, I didn't realize I was signed in as David. It's me... Saloma

    1. Thank you Saloma. There are times when I reflect on my former life compared to the here and now.

  3. Hello Katie,
    I just wanted to write to you and say hello, and let you know how much I enjoy your blog! I have been working for Elite on the Florida run for the past few years. Its been very insightful and fun looking through your blog, and really getting a feel of the going-ons around the community where we send our passengers. It's also great to see the folks we send enjoying the beautiful weather, as opposed to the 13 degrees we are working with today!

    1. Thank you Megan. I greatly appreciate your comment.

  4. Well it looks like my Aunt Freda (Mrs. Christ C. Miller's wife arrived in town! Also likely, Aunt Katie Mast (Isaac Mast's wife) but wouldn't say 100% with only the back view! The others look like cousins whose names, I forget


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