The Comings and Goings of Pinecraft

 I asked the one on the left who the other two men are and he said he didn't know.

 I was fascinated by her ability to Rip Stick back and forth from their rental to the bus, which they boarded later to return home. 

 This boy just didn't have the muscle power to get this heavy bag off the bike basket, so the lady in the background came to his aid. Even so the bag was too heavy for him so he waited until his Daddy returned and took the bag. When he saw my camera he looked straight ahead with a smile. I know the feeling...

 Harvey Miller walks with a purpose. He had his vehicle loaded to the brim with people and luggage.

 Who needs suitcases when you can use plastic totes? 

 These three girls are sisters, well at least they all got out of the same vehicle with a Daddy and a Mom.

 You all line up and watch the flow come and go...

 Two groups of people. The group on the left kept their distance because they were just watching. While the other group are either passengers to board the bus or relatives of those passengers.

I have no clue who these two old men are visiting with Amos Yoder. 

Three Pioneer buses left this afternoon, meaning about 140 more or less people are gone. But tomorrow the Elite Coach from Lancaster PA comes in with their first run for this season. CrossRoads from Indiana is due to come in and so is Pioneer Trails. Now that the holidays are over, t'is the season for old people. There will always be some children and youth here but not like it was over Christmas/New Years. 

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