Sunday Shots

 I stopped in at True American Artisans. They have a lot of new things since I stopped in six weeks ago. I love this wire wall divider  where framed pictures hang for display.
 I love this for it has character all its own.

Old ice block tongs, like the ice man used to deliver blocks of ice forty-fifty years ago. It makes a unique decoration.
 Gabriel on the right, talking with a friend.

 This kerosene heater is very similar to one Grandmother had.

 Logs stuck in a flower pot makes a beautiful piece of art.
 This is different, fill it up with potted plants.

 Across the street is one of the few houses still standing with the old cement pillars. 

 Mark & Fanny Wickey with part of their family. They were visiting Pinecraft three years ago and maybe since that time too. I am not sure. Their little girls have become fine young ladies and the baby back then is the four year old in this photo. 

 Big Brother gives sister a ride. At least I am assuming they are from the same family.

 I am not sure what is going on here. 

Nina and Dave walking the dogs.

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