Random Shots of Today

Having a good laugh at the park.

I am sorry about the quality of this photo but I didn' see this old man on the right until after I was editing today's pictures. I think his profile is clearly that of an old man. 

Playing Corn Hole in the pavilion.

This man was helping his wife take down the dry laundry. I asked him if he has  always helps his wife with laundry and he said, "Yes, he has been doing this for 50 years." He said they have been married for 50 years.

Almost all of these people are waiting for a ride to the Haiti Benefit Auction. A mini van that serves as a shuttle drove into this parking lot a little distance from the people and stopped. I knew not all of these can get into the van, so I watched who is going. About 5-6 people stepped out of the crowd and got into the van. I am assuming they were there the longest and that is how the pecking order goes. If there is just one van going back and forth than the waiting would be about twenty minutes. Most times there are two or three vans going to and fro.


  1. I would always walk to Pinecraft park when i was down from the Orlando area, but for some reason when it was empty i didnt feel the need to walk inside the park. Maybe for me anyway it was the people that helped make this park come to life, and without them it was just another park to me. Richard


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