An Afternoon in North Carolina

A few years ago Abe & Iva bought a farm with about eleven old tumble down buildings. About half of them are no more but today Barli took me on a 4-wheel drive to shoot pictures of the remaining buildings, at least the ones I could get to without getting off the 4-wheeler.

We had to go through a pasture and the steers came running, the bull and also the calf, thinking we are going to feed them. When we saw them coming I asked Barli if she is sure we want to do this? She wasn't sure until we saw that the steers have no interest in us and went on grazing. 

We think this was a tobacco shed.

This one is on the neighbor's land.

Spring flowers are already pushing up and of course the pasture has lots of wild onions and garlic waiting to be put to use.

After taking these shots we turned around and headed for the gate to exit the pasture. The cattle are grazing and waiting on us...

And here we come...

And here they come...

The bull is on the right and all are patiently waiting their time...

I stayed sitting on the 4-wheeler while Barli waited at the gate. Since none of us budged we had to come up with a plan. Barli asked if I have my phone and if I do to call her Mom. After the call, Iva came out with an empty bucket and rattled it against the fence, called the cattle home for their evening meal. They didn't get the expected meal but they high-tailed from us.

Hearing Iva's call...

and they lost all interest in us.

This building is at the end of their road. I have Summer and Autumn pictures of this but no winter shots until today.

Then we went down the field lane and came to this old house. I have been in it a number of times but not today. According to the rainbow there must be treasures and a pot of gold somewhere.

another view

This might be the lid of the pot of gold.

The barn is still in use.

A calf that was born a few days ago is licking the fence.

Iva's plant beside the house.

The dogs are camera shy.


  1. Wow, I would love to explore those houses. The cows were funny. :)

  2. Let you and I explore to our heart's content. I need some one who is not afraid to crawl under and around strange objects. Ths slave house they demolished had some Moonshine in it and they sold it at the Muddy Pond Auction. Makes you wonder how old the stuff was and who got drunk?

  3. Love the pictures! Would love to live in an old house like that!


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