An Evening at the Park

I almost didn't go out tonight at sunset but I am glad I did. The park had emptied out about 90% in population to early afternoon. This Bocce Ball game was in progress. I don't know who these Lancaster County people are but I recognize a few from previous years.

Watching the game.

These women are some of the few that play Bocce Ball. I wish more women would want to play. But more r less an unspoken thing is that at the park this is a man's game.

As a whole they acted like no camera was clicking at them, except for this woman.

One Indiana man, I think by the name of Marvin was the score keeper but I don't know who this man is.


  1. Hmmm....I think next time I'm there, we should try to do ladies' bocce! :)

    1. Lynette, you are going to have a hard time getting those balls for an all Lady's team as the men are first in that game. The women are first in sitting around.

  2. That lady from Lancaster is used to the camera click. She probably can't bring in her mail without having her picture taken.


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