Pinecraft People

Marvin Miller visiting with Sam Eicher and wife Barbara Rose. Sam fell at a frolic on Saturday and broke his pelvic. So at this time he is using a walker carefully. His wife is a massage therepist, so I am sure she takes good care of her husband.

Marie Beachy visiting with her cousin Wayne Troyer. Marie is local and Wayne is from Indiana.

A group of men visiting and waiting for the Pioneer Trails bus to come in. From the left: Mast man married to a Kauffman woman from Trail Ohio, Beck's Johnny from Becks, Dave Swartzentruber owner of Pioneer Trails, Mose Gingerich from Hartville, and the next two I forgot who they are. On the right, a Yoder from Sugarcreek Ohio, moved to Clare Michigan, has a 2nd wife.

This beautiful lady got off the bus today. 

Finding their apartments within walking distance.

Kylie reaching for her Daddy and Dave Danny Mattie visiting with Niece Barbara.


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