All in a Day... Play and Work

Yesterday I was told or rather whispered that there is going to be a Scrabble Game at Adin Yutzy's this afternoon. And so I biked over around 2 PM and was ushered in. I asked for a chair to stand on so I can get some pictures. And I kindly told the ladies to continue to play their game.

So it is her turn to spell a word and is deeply thinking...

Next is was Fannie's turn and she looks quite serious too...

Making a word

All three of the ladies. The fourth person was Fannie's brother Ora. I don't have a picture of him because I couldn't see him thinking.

Then I biked to the park and in under the pavilion. I know this bench looks like it is going to break under the weight of these two, when the truth is this bench has been bent for ages. 

Another group of Checker players.

A couple just doing nothing but this is a part of Pinecraft life.

And a group of men doing nothing except watching the "Corn Hole" game.

Two of the players doing the "Corn Hole game."

But not everybody is playing or doing nothing for Jonas Kauffman is painting his shed.

and Sam is sprinkling the grass.


  1. I wanted to see a picture of Fannie's brother thinking. HA HA You're too funny. Love the pics of everybody just hangin' out.

  2. Fannie's brother wasn't thinking. He was too busy talking and messing around.

  3. Is Fannie's brother Ora the one married to Martha? And,Martha's son is married to Anna's daughter! :) Familiar faces! I enjoy looking at your pictures to see if I recognize any of them.


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