Singing and Making Melody in your Heart...

I guess if your camera gives you a lemon, make lemonade. I love the shot but it wasn't a good picture. I sort of like the shot now for it reminds me of coming out of an ancient history book. This is the front row audience.

Cathy Schwartz from Greenville SC, on the left and her friend that also helped play a few songs with the bells. The music was at the club House in Saralakes. Tonight there is going to be another evening of songs. 

One of Cathy's instruments...

Playing, to my ears or heart this instrumental music was the most beautiful.

This is a one string instrument made from a bean can, a stick and a string.

This one is also a one-string made from a bed-pan. Cathy sang a bed-pan song to go with the bed-pan.

A front shot.

Then after a break David Miller and Glen Mullet strummed for a while before Cathy joined them again.

The three.


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