Saturday Singing at the Park

Last evening at 6 PM a singing was scheduled at the Pinecraft Park. The music makers were Mark Schlabach & family, and John & Lydia Schmid. Like normal I was there a bit early with the intentions of seeing what I can see...

Perry resting his weary legs while he waits on the music.

I don't remember or know this Amish man's name but I think in his young Rumspringa years he was a Johnny Cash fan. A few years ago when John Schmid asked the audience how many have seen Johnny Cash in person, this man slightly raised his hand. I just happened to be seated where I saw his fingers go up.  

This little Mennonite girl brought her own chair, set it up, sat down and listened. A few minutes later her Daddy moved the chair slightly so she wouldn't get in the way of the people still coming in.

This little boy, well we caught each others eyes.

He looks like he would want to be friends but instead a bit later he fell asleep.

Browsing the Cd's.

Three generations; Grandpa, Daddy & Son.

Just the backside... I stayed in the back of the pavilion so I could move around whenever...


  1. These are the kinds of things I'd want to see if I traveled there ~ the normal goings-on of the town. I've been out of town a couple days and am just getting back and catching up. The commentary was perfect in this, as usual. :)

  2. The 3 generations shot is excellent!

  3. So is the shot of the little boy on back of the bike.

  4. How fun...looks like it was a chilly night. Is there anything going on this weekend in Pinecraft, besides the Haiti auction on Saturday?

  5. There is a widowers' breakfast at Troyer's on Thursday morning but you hardly qualitify for that.

  6. Your shot of 3 Generations struck me. Too bad my dad passed away before my son was born. We wouldn't have the chance to have a moment like that. But that's life, maybe I'll just wait for the moment when my son gets his own son. :)

    Walter Tully


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