Song Fest on Birky

Last evening there was a Song Fest on Birky Street at Dave & Ada Swartzentruber. Well it was a bit hard to decide on whose property the singing was. The musicians were on the driveway of Dave & Ada, but people were spread quite a ways around. Instead of all being crowded together in a too small space, people had the option of sitting and standing on Mel Erb's space or three driveways across the street. In other words there was plenty of elbow room for everyone, plus more to spare. This first picture is the group as a whole, getting organized. 

These next three shots are a closer view of the players.

One group sitting across the street.

This group of women are on Mel Erb's lot. They all look like Holmes County.


  1. Hmmm, no bedpans though. It sounds like fun ~ I bet people love those bike things when they're there!!


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