Glen Mullet's Music Fest

 Tuning up. Not every singer was here yet. All told there were about nine instrument players, while another one sat in the audience. Visable here are left to right: Glen Mullet, Dave Miller setting the tone, Glens' daughter in law Shelia, Lengacher, John Miller & Shelia's dad Mel.
 Glen, his youngest son and Shelia, Nathan's wife.

 Front row: Mary & John Troyer, locals.
Back: Herman & Elsie Mullet, locals.

 Glens' son, then father & daughter singing.

 I wasn't the only photographer.

 Anna & Levi Beachy  who are winter birds from Arthur Illinois are using natural shades to protect their eyes.

 Edna & Robert Detweiler, local whose roots are from Geauga County Ohio.

 I posted a similar photo on Project 365 late last night. I love the looks on each faces, an expressions from the heart as we took in the music.

 Glen Mullet & Dave Miller. Dave had returned here the previous evening after spending time with his Mother who was in the hospital due to cancer.

 After dark shot. I love my camera as this is the first one that I can take decent shots in the dark.

These are just a few shots I could take within my range. There were many more people here. Most of them made up the local Pinecraft population. These people fade into the woodwork during the winter months, unless they are serving food at the Benefit Suppers at the Park.


  1. Was that the same home we visited when I was there? I wish I could have been there longer. I loved the music... :)


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