Two Pioneer Buses Head North

 The two girls in the first two pictures are cousins. They are John & Marlene Miller's grandchildren from Ohio. Marlene wrote her story in "Grace Leads Me Home" and was down here on Friday for a book signing at Troyer's. I sort of think these girls make after their mothers who make after Grandmother Marlene. They are very lively and original.They both boarded the bus to go home. I will miss them.

 All of these Holmes County women and their husbands went home; Paul Mabel, Junior Schlabach Katie Ann, Dave Dannie Mattie and Nick Orin Danny Elizabeth. Elizabeth is Marlene's daughter. 

 Milt Yoder ran his Shuttle bus transporting his neighbors Eddie & Alta Chupp and all their goods they want to take up north with them. Eddie & Alta are Winter Birds and stay six months. Naturally they have a lot more totes and suitcases to take back and forth.

 Sam Miller one of the drivers with an Oxen yoke going for Berlin Ohio. I hope they don't need to use it on the way up.

                                             Geauga County mother and daughter waiting to board the bus.

Last but not least I met Marcus Wengerd and his children, the present owner of Carlilse Printing in Walnut Creek Ohio.


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