Shuffleboard Observations

 Tonight the park was almost empty of people when I entered except for Owen who is homeless when he drinks and has a home and a wife whenever he quits drinking and sobers up. He was sitting under the pavilion with a bottle. Anyway I continued biking down on the bike trail until I saw these people at the shuffleboard and so I watched for a while and took some pictures.

I didn't notice the facial expressions until I cropped these pictures and I confess I am so pleased at how pleased they look. I especially notice the woman's face and feet and the way she holds that pole on the left at the top photo and Mary's face on the bottom right.

 I know John & Mary Fisher, the couple on the right. The other two couples look like I'd want to get to know them too.

 Mary making her shot.

 This is on the opposite end of the court. I don't know which man belongs to which woman, but this man who is determining his next shot with great care, is taking the long way around scratching his bald head. I think whenever he scratches his head, he can think more clearly.

And he makes his shot...


  1. Hi Katie and i see you have done a make-over on your blog, looks very good. Richard


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