Activity At the Park

Tonight there was quite a bit of activity at the park. Since the tourist or last of the Snow Birds are gone, some evenings there is nothing going on at the park. But then like tonight it was different.

This is the first time I saw a motor boat going up and down the Phillip Creek.

 When these two boys saw me pull out my camera, they quickly jumped into action and used the slide.

 A coach and two players dribbling basketballs.

 At the shuffleboard court two groups were playing. The rest of the people were sitting around. This is a very good place to socialize and catch up with the latest news. And most year-round residence treasure this time of neighborhood gatherings.

 A young Graber couple and their twin daughters. Her name is Jennifer but I can't remember his name. His grandmother Nettie Chupp lives just a short distance from me.

And like normal, the sun went down in the west.


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