The Auction of Leroy & Verna's House

This morning my intentions were to go to CVS and Earth Origins Market and return home. But on Clarinda Street people were gathering for the auction of Leroy & Verna Esh's property which was to start at 11AM. So I quickly did my shopping and returned a few minutes before the auction began. I don't know who this is but he is the auctioneer.
 Leaning on the electric pole or a cane, whichever one comes in handiest.

 There was quite a large group present being it is April and most people have already left for the north. One of the bidders were Isaac's Joe, second on the right.

 Henry Fisher took bids via phone. For a short time he had a phone on each ear, and every now and then said, "Yep".

The bidding got stuck at $215,000. So the two auctioneers took a break and talked with Leroy & Verna via phone. Then Henry Fisher gave a pep talk and the bidding resumed until it reached $230,000 and there it stopped. No sales.


  1. Great photos Katie!!! As usual!

  2. Wow! After all that, and it still did not sell! The economy must be picking up a bit in FL...not so much here in West Michigan.

  3. Your photos and observations are always interesting! Thank you for sharing your view. :)


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