Family Time with Daddy

 Less than a month ago Roman and Sarah Schlabach had made plans to return to their Upper Michigan home for the summer months. But one of the preparations before leaving was for Roman to see their family doctor down here just to make sure everything is okay before making that long trip back home. This time not everything was okay, so they had a last minute change of plans. Instead Roman went in for more tests concerning his heart and all their children came down. He was scheduled for an operation concerning his heart, which was done two weeks ago. 

Tonight these were out for exercise; Roman on a three-wheel bike, the son on a unicycle and the daughter walking at a brisk pace. She had no other option if she wanted to keep up with the menfolks.


  1. Roman looks great for 2 weeks out of heart surgery! I had an operation a little over 5 years ago, and feel quite fine now. Good for Roman and his family! Keep smiling, Roman!


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