The Pioneer Bus Comes and Goes

Yesterday The Pioneer Trails Bus came into Pinecraft. While we wait on the bus to come in we visit. Some like me just wait on the bus because there is nothing else we would rather do, for we are a "People Person".
The man on the left is waiting to pick up an item that is shipped down from Ohio  or Indiana. He has the label of "Dutch Essen Haus" on his shirt. Warren Nightengale the middle man is here for the visit. Bob, I assume is picking up someone.

 Two old corkers, a preacher and a bishop are glad to see each other again. They are both members of the Amish church down here in Pincraft.The reason I call them corkers is because this is the way they talk. It is a part of their language.

 He came off the bus. I have no name for him but most times I see him whenever there is a Music Fest on the North side of Bahia Vista during the winter months. I love the expressions on his face depending what music is being played. 

 Waiting for their ride to where ever they are staying.

 And today they loaded people and luggage for the return trip going north. For the lack of something better to do, the drivers sit and make faces.

 Wonder when they are going to eat the contents in this roaster? 

 Crist Petersheim is sending up a box of something. I never noticec Chris in the background until I edited the picture.

 Hugs and "Good Byes".


 The Fire Marshall is sending up a package.

 Daniel Fisher is returning to Indiana after spending a couple of months down here. I hope he returns here to stay as he actually is a Pinecraft fixture. He was the first editor of the "Pinecraft Pauper". 

 And someone decided to send up a tire. This is the time of the year when cargo gets send up or down for a small fee, for the simple reason there is extra room in the luggage compartment. I don't know how many people went up but by the looks each passenger could have about 3-4 seats all to himself.

Henry Detweiler bought some green ice cream to eat on the bus. His wife is staying here while Henry is gone for two weeks back up to Indiana.


  1. LOVE seeing these pictures!! I must admit I miss your daily posts on the 365 Project, but when you post a story of pictures, it sure helps to make up!! :) You can't post too often on my part, NOT that I'm trying to make you feel guilty, or anything.... ;D

  2. love seeing your pictures and the stories this is the high light of my day thanks katie for sharing and taking your time out doing this there are so many of us enjoy seeing and hearing from you...

  3. Katie, I think the couple in the third picture is Levi Miller & his wife from Hartville, OH. He helped as an auctioneer years ago at our annual school festival in Plain City, OH. I usually see them somewhere down there when we go down in the winter.
    --Carol Troyer


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