Old age in Pinecraft

 It is fun growing old in Pinecraft. Maybe fun is not the correct word, but when I was young, while I was growing up there were not many old people if any in my life that were happy and content. There were not many who were enjoying life. But on the other hand why would you be rejoicing in old age if there was only hell fire and brimstone preached on Sunday? And you knew before long you would die from old age and then what? Anyway I now know there are many old people who are in a right relationship with God and are waiting for their time to enter eternity. After my bike ride tonight I sat behind an empty house for a few minutes in reflection of old age. Growing old in Pinecraft is so different what I saw as a young child. 

On the top picture, Wayne a neighbor stopped so his dog can kiss Erma another neighbor. Of course I didn't have my camera ready for that kiss and the dog refused to kiss Erma the second time. This is old age in Pinecraft.

 I biked to the park after visiting with Erma and Wayne. Before I got into the park Sarah Detweiler caught up with me and we were visiting when Lester Byler came around. I was totally surprised to see Lester because I thought he was recovering or getting worse from a stroke. It turns out he had a stroke but barely missed work. So he was out biking with a pedal bike.

And while we, Sarah, Lester and I were visiting a whole slew of men came out of the park after finishing their shuffleboard game. We are all growing old and are still enjoying life. This is growing old in Pinecraft.


  1. Katie, I love your photos. I'm also glad to know there are those who know for certain they're going to spend eternity with Jesus Christ. How blessed are you and they!

  2. Katie when i was a kid i thought 30 was old my grand child says i am a old lady because i am in my 50's... LOL

  3. When I was young,I could never figure out what fun old people saw in sitting around talking. Now that I am old,I too consider good conversation fun (at least enjoyable) to me.


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