Random Shots of Tonight

 I biked to the Laundromat and saw this man sitting outside his apartment. I didn't know if he was asleep or not. So I waited and watched for a few minutes. He didn't make a move and so I carefully got out my camera and shot a picture. Then he smiled. I waved and biked on. 

 Photography is in my blood and so tonight I declined an offer to go to the beach where I would have taken pictures, but tonight was the night to bike around Pinecraft and just see what I can see. I returned home with 30 pictures and so I chose the best miscellaneous shots.

 This one caught my eye, the chain link fence with the green vine mixed with the brown.

 A very old privacy fence with more green vines next to a very old house on Bahia Vista.

Yoder's Market girls with tables on their heads. 

 Tonight the sun had a hard time deciding where to set. First it thought to settle down between a double trunk tree...

 But then the sun decided maybe the south trunk would be better...

And then it also tried the north trunk. By then I left the park, so I don't know where the sun set.


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