Sunday/Monday Pictures

 Up North the evidence of someone hosting church services is row upon row of buggies. Here in Pinecraft the evidence is a huddle of bikes. I had no intentions of biking to find these bikes at the Amish Church yesterday as it was already 12:00. But obviously church was still in session because here are the bikes. 

 I love sitting here at the foot bridge . It was actually cool in the shade.

 At the Pinecraft Park. I am assuming he is used to playing alone as he is alone...

 I am best of friends with this little neighbor boy, whenever he is down here. 

The Musser men and their wives on an evening bike ride. Tonight for the first time this season, my house was warmer than the outside air when I returned home after my bike ride after dark.


  1. Thanks so much again for the pictures! Miss your daily ones....sure would be neat if you did something similar again! :)

  2. I found very good images in your blog, are you travelling now ?
    Please update more photos in your blog.
    Thanks a lot.

    Sarasota Attorney

    1. Richard, No I am at home. I blog on Project 365 daily. This blog is only when I have enough photos to make a little bit of a story. If you type in my name Katie Troyer on the search Project 365 will come up.

  3. I love your pictures and look at them every day.


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