Saturday Night

 Tonight just as I turned into the park, I saw some mad scrambling up ahead. One person jumped out of the next van that drove in and ran to this one, while others raised their arms up toward the sky. It didn't take  long to see what is up in the sky. Three birthday balloons escaped and took off in the brisk west wind, going east over Pinecraft. There was no point in going after the escaped balloons because they flew free, but instead they grabbed the reminding balloons. The occasion was a surprise Birthday Party for Tim and Sarah's oldest son. 

 After watching the balloons I saw this woman asleep on the picnic table. Just as I shot this picture two beautiful little girls ran up to this lady and called her Mama. She is by no means a homeless woman but probably tired after a week's work.
 Nancy Ebersole Good and I met up with Ken & Gail. Gail gave me this beautiful crocheted shawl that blended right in with what I am wearing today. It was sort of funny as an Amish preacher biked pass right after the picture taking and asked me if I am okay? I assured him that I am fine and I just got this brand new shawl. He asked me from whom and I pointed to them, Gail and Ken. He biked on without a comment. I can't blame people when they think I ought to be more careful whom I choose for friends. Ken has long hair, Gail said she is dressed a bit scanty. Nancy was in slacks and dangling ear rings. But I love people of all sorts. 

A backside picture of a husband and wife eating ice cream at Big Olaf.


  1. Lovely pictures and a lovely shawl my dear.

  2. Your new shawl is very pretty! And it looks really nice on you. What a lovely gift from your friend. Have a great week!

  3. You are suck a good person with a very kind heart Katie. This world could use more non-judgmental people such as yourself!


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