The LaBARGE Cruise

This morning Nancy Ebersole Good and I took a two hour ride on the LeBARGE Cruise.  There were probably 50 passengers on board. I think the capacity is 60. At first every passenger except Nancy and I went for the second deck. So we chose the best seats which were right out front, moving forward. We stayed on our spot until it was time to dock and so we had to go inside until they were ready to let us off the ship.

 Their gas station.
 On the way out.

My first photo of the Ringling Bridge. The Bridge where hundreds of people get their exercise by walking the bridge. I think "Walking the Bridge" is just as much an attraction for all people as "Watching the Buses Come In" is for the Pinecraft people. "Walking the Bridge" stimulates the physical aspects of the body, whereas "Watching the Buses Come In" stimulates the brain.

 Another Ringling Bridge picture.

 And another one.

Nancy dreaming away...

And so is Grace from Georgia. There is something soothing about this cruise.

 The Draw Bridge is up. We were assuming this is the bridge that goes into Siesta Beach.

 A houseboat. I am not sure I would like living in one or not. I would have to start up the little motor boat or swim to shore every time I want to get on the mainland.

 A lesser bridge.

 Obviously the best place to build a nest. I would do the same if I would be an Osprey.

Another view of the Draw Bridge.

 Self explanatory.

 A private little home and a canoe.

Quite the place.


  1. Great photos,I've wanted to go on one of their cruises forever..will have to get to doing it

  2. Beautiful photos.... Thank you for sharing a glimpse into the Amish lifestyle.. I have been fascinated with their way of life ever since visiting Lancaster County PA about 7 years ago. It's nice to know that Pinecraft is only down the road from me and I look forward to visiting while on vacation.


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